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The Non-Issue

We live in a youth obsessed culture. Age discrimination towards women of 50+ is an issue. They do not see themselves represented in the media, leaving many women feeling excluded and invisible. L’Oreal Paris in partnership with British Vogue, felt a responsibility to normalise and celebrate age, but without perpetuating the problem further.  So we created the Vogue “Non-Issue”. It’s everything you’d expect from Vogue, only with one very important  difference. Every page, photo and article inside was entirely made by, and dedicated to, women over 50. The models, the make-up artist, the hair stylist, even the cover photographer, were all over 50. It encapsulated every aspect of a 50+ modern woman, covering technology, food, arts & culture, travel, to fitness, wellness and the menopause. Helping to change our perceptions of age and challenge the stereotypes of what it is to grow older. #AgeIsNoIssue

June 17, 2019